Monday, November 16, 2009

Mee Hoon Soto

Since the boys and Mr Hubby went outing at Pulau Ubin yesterday, I decided not to cook rice but made this noodles instead...well left Marsya and me at memang confirm no need to cook so much..adding to my parents pun not at home..the boys only took this at dinner ..memang their favourite noodles...but wonder till now they still dont really like bagedil as I would push it for them to bagedil only Mr Hubby and me aje lah makan..


1 whole chicken (cleaned, cut to preference)
*4 green chillies
*3 big onions
*7 garlics
*2 inches ginger
2 lemongrass bruised
toe size galangal bruised
1-2 tbsp coconut milk
water to estimate
30g sup/soto powder
1/2 cinnamon stick(kayu manis)
3 cardamon(buah pelaga)
1 star anise(bunga lawang)
water to estimate
salt, sugar and MSG to taste

Heat oil and fry blended *ingredients. Add in all the spices, lemon grass, galangal and soto powder. Add in chicken and stir well. Add water and coconut milk.Let it boil. When cooked serve hot with blanced MEE HOON/ YELLOW NOODLES or COMPRESSED RICE . Garnish with blanched bean sprout, spring onions, celery and fried shallots,sambal chilli padi and bagedil. Ready

Sambal Kicap:-
bird eyes chillies- minced
1 garlic-minced
1 lime juice
dark soy sauce
sweet soy sauce
(Mix all the above and put to boil.)

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