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65c Chocolate Wassant

Came across this recipe when I was browsing thru to find any new bread recipe. The original bread outlook was much prettier than this. Mine was 'short and fat'...hehhe like the 'tuan badan'...hahahah...somehow, I've got stuck when I want to put in the chocolate paste on the dough as the chocolate paste that I freezed earlier I took out too soon.!..... the paste became too soft to be transfered on, luckily I've got another one in the freezer but the size was too short for the dough...anyway I just use that and have to cut to the size which is the time I did all that my dough has risen and it became 'thick'... so no choice but to go ahead with the next this was how it became..
After I've baked the bread, and wanted to post in this entry, I realised that I should have put all the chocolate paste in 1 plastic bag and freeze it(meaning I should have used all the paste instead of 100g which was supposed to be 300g, I've got mixed up with the 'TangZhong' quantity which was that amount) ....anyway cant 'cry over spilt milk'.. the bread still turned out well although the chocolatey taste not much can be tasted mum said very nice and not too sweet.. definitely I will try again next time but I'll make sure I'll use the whole of the chocolate paste...

Moral of the story , make sure read,understand and prepare the items required in the recipe first before start work....this was a case of wanted to finish too quickly... before Marsya wakes up...hai..sigh..
Ingredients for Chocolate sheet:-
40g cake flour
100g sugar
2 egg whites
160ml milk
40g cocoa powder
20g butter

Mix cake flour,sugar and egg white till smooth.
Heat the milk in a saucepan and stir in the cocoa powder.
Add in the egg white mixture stirring till thicken and dry.
Stir in the butter and mix till all butter is incorporated.
Leave to cool and measure out 300g ofthe chocolate paste. Put this chocolate paste into a freezer bag and roll into a rectangular shape size 22cm x 14cm.
Keep refrigerated for at least 2hours before using.

Ingredients for dough:-
250g bread flour
70g cake flour
20g skim milk powder
100g TangZhong
5g salt
40g sugar
25g egg yolk + 115 warm water
8g dry yeast
26g butter

Put all ingredients into the bread maker, select the dough setting and let the bread maker knead and prove the dough.
When the dough cycle is completed, remove the dough and punch out the air. Roll out the dough into a rectangle of size 31cm x 22cm.
Put the chocolate sheet on the middle of the dough.Fold in both ends of the dough to cover the chocolate sheet completely. Seal all the edges tightly.
Turn the dough 90c.Roll the dough till it is about 60cm x 22cm.
Fold the dough into 4 folds.Turn dough 90c.Roll dough into 54cm x 22cm rectangular sheet.
Cut into triangular pieces of base 9cm and height 22cm.Roll triangular pieces from the widest part.
Prove for 50 mins at 35c
Apply egg wash and bake at 175-180c for 20 mins.
How to make 65c TangZhong.
250ml water
50g bread flour
Mix flour and water till it is smooth in a small saucepan.
Cook over medium heat and stirring constantly with a hand whisk to prevent burning. You will see lots of small bubbles forming on the top. Keep stirring and when the bubbles disapper, you will see streaks in the mixture for every stir you make with your whisk.Stop at this stage and you will have the 65c TangZhong.
Sources: From 'Do What I like' blog

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