Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nasi Briani Bombay

Nasi Briani Bombay is the name... cause we(mum and me) use 'Bombay Briani Mix', which I bought in Mustaffa Centre...the same place where I've got the 'Pav Bhaji Masala'...where you can get 'all the spices and Indian curry powders' centre, I should say..honestly, my house only cook this when Mr Hubby not home for dinner, either he got to work late or he got another dinner invitation from the office...the reason was because he don't like to eat nasi briani, as he said vey 'muak' and 'heavy' for the only time we eat this only when his not around...or else I've got to cook another dish which I am lazy to do it...heheheh

Marsya's chicken pox are slowly disappearing although some still can be seen 'blackened'...Hasif was very conscious about when Marsya got near him...he will shout 'Ma! can you get Marsya away from me!!!....Eeeeehhhh I don't want to get it exams are coming...!!! Even, whatever Marsya touches he will wipe it away with tissue paper!!!...Haiyah..I told him, dont be too extreme lah...kalau nak kena, cannot say anything one...

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