Sunday, April 26, 2009

Siput Gong Gong

 By the time I posted this entry, it was already Sunday morning...The siput Gong Gong, was actually my dinner on Saturday night. Didn't manage to update cause was busy doing marketing and straight after that got to cook .... normally, every 1 week or 2 weeks I will have to top up groceries...and that will have to be with Mr Hubby as he is the 'transporter cum delivery man'...can imagine  7 people in the house, how many plastic bags we got to carry ....One time shopped we have to push up the trolley 2-3 times up the house from the car...luckily our block has just been upgraded with the lift.... or else we used to carry manually up 4Th storey or took the 6Th floor lift and 2 floors down...and whose job was that? Mr Hubbylah ...hahahaha..

Wah!!! I am bloody sleepy right now...but I think I must go ahead and write.. you know what?HUAWAHAHAHHHHA...NOW MARSYA TURN....KENA CHICKEN POXXXXXXXXX!!!!!! I HATE IT!!! One after another..Marsya's bloody pox are more then Iqram's... hers the whole body and even inside her mouth!!! As I am writing this even my body also itchy...eeeehhh...Sorry for my bloody words, as I am really frustrated and tired....

2kg siput gong gong(cleaned, a few times cause slimy)
1 big onion sliced
1 lemongrass crushed-Ayu added 2
1 red chili sliced
3-4 birds eye chillies (Just throw inside)-Ayu used more
1 tbsp belachan (mashed)-Ayu used belacan granules aje
water to estimate as long cover the gong gong
2-3 dried tamarind sliced
salt and msg to taste
Add all the ingredients in a pot and put to boil. Boil till cooked and use the toothpick to 'cungkil' the meat.According to Diana, dip in sambal belachan for the sauce. But for me I just eat like that with rice pun sedap.
Sources: From Koleksi resepi pilihan Diana

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