Thursday, April 30, 2009

Apam Comel Mitsuya Cider

Ah!!! This was the apam I was talking about the other day... wanted to make this but realised the ice cream soda has disappeared...instead of using red colour I decided to change the outlook to purple cause I want to match it with the purple paper cups....according to the feedback from the users about this kuih, was that it was supposed to be gebu (fluffy and delicate in texture)...what I could say is that its OK....but I think I should add in a bit more of ice cream soda and maybe a bit of ovallette?...

What you guys think? Siapa2 yang dah buat kuih ni....any comment?After I made this, I looked up for the comments again, then I realised not only me, who experienced the same thing, but there are others too, ...the comment was macam a bit 'bantat' (not so well done?)...macam liat2 sikit...Maybe I did it wrongly...I don't know... anyway thank you to the owner of this recipe who has contributed...this are my trial and error so its OK if I don't make it this time, maybe next time...
150 g plain four
1 egg
3 tbsp sugar-(adjust to preference)
1 tsp baking powder
75ml mitsuya cider water ( ice cream soda) (maybe next time add another 30 - 40ml more)
a bit of red colouring
Get ready steamer.Separate egg white and egg yolk.Whisk egg white first till fluffy then add egg yolk till creamy..
Lastly add sugar and plain flour which has been sieved together with baking powder.Add in ice cream soda and fold it with spoon and mix well.
Scoop mixture and divide into two separate bowl.One with the original colour the other one with red colour. Scoop alternately the two colours in moulds.Steam at about 8 -10 minute. Ready
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