Saturday, April 18, 2009

Laksa Mak Som

Made this yesterday... it was Friday and auntie scheduled to mum's recipe I called it laksa Mak Som..self declared..bolih gitu?..hehe

1 kg laksa boiled and drained leave to cool
4 horse mackerel (ikan selar besar) boiled and take the meat, don't throw the balanced water
3 tbsp kerisik
400ml coconut milk (2packets)
*5 garlics
*2 inches ginger
*2 big onions
1-2 dried tamarind sliced(asam keping)
1 tbsp blended chili
2 lemongrass crushed
1 inch galangal crushed
2 tbsp fish curry powder
water to estimate

3 pieces fishcake sliced
4-5 taupok sliced
10-20 quail's eggs, boiled
500g cockles boiled (optional)

blanced bean sprout
cucumber sliced thinly
laksa leaves sliced(daun kesum)
big onion sliced thinly
sambal tumis

Scrap boiled fish meat and throw away bones. Blend fish meat in blender with the balance fish water. Heat oil and saute all the blended ingredients*cili boh, curry powder, lemon grass and galangal stir well. Add in the blended fish and put in the coconut milk, water. Leave it to boil and add in dried tamarind, sugar, kerisik and salt to taste.Stir well, Add in fish cakes, taupok, quails eggs and cockles. If to thick add some more water. Leave to boil.
When ready, scoop laksa and laksa gravy top with garnishing. Serve hot.

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