Monday, April 27, 2009

Beef Stew

This recipe is not hot(pedas) . The kids and bapak kids also can eat.. but if those who like pedas, this dish must go with sambal I made myself the sambal tumbuk ikan bilis(fried first) with red,green and birds eye chillies and pounded coarsely. Baru boleh jalan..

Next week the kids will be having their mid year examinations...Mr Hubby, sounded...'hmm jangan blogging aje'..hehehhe I just laugh , got the hint...must make sure, the kids prepare themselves for the exam..kalau tak budak dengan mak budak sekali kena 'guyu'(cina cakap kena butter kat backside'...hehehe..

1/2 kg big onions (cut halves and slice thick)
1/2 kg tomatoes(cut halves and slice thick)
1/2 kg beef (medium cut, washed and drained)
2 carrots(slice diagonally)
1/2 kg potatoes (cut halves and cut quarterly)
1/2 kg shallots (for fried shallots)
1 tbsp minced ginger
1/2 stick cinnamon bark(kayu manis)
3 star anise(bunga cengkih)
3 cardamon(buah pelaga)
1 tbsp white pepper
salt to taste
Add in onions,tomatoes and sliced beef into a pot and fill water above the ingredients.Add in pepper,ginger, cinnamon stick,cardamon and star anise.
When the beef has been cooked(empuk) add in carrots and potatoes. When the two has become soft, lower the heat and if water has reduced add hot water.
In another wok, heat oil and fry the shallots till golden brown. When ready add the fried shallots into the stew together with the oil. Close the lid for a while and turn off heat. Ready.
Sources:- From the book Resipi Pesta perut warna 94.2fm.

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