Thursday, April 02, 2009

Mee Siam Kuah

Yesterday, Iqram cameback crying from school...when I asked him why, he said his teacher didnt choose him to be the class monitor...I said never mind lah...maybe next term it will be his turn..then he said..'not fairlah ma!!!'last term also I didnt get ...' then he started crying again..aiyoh...he kept on crying for the next 20 minutes.. when I tried to explain or comfort him, he will pause for a while then when I finish talking, he will continue crying...

Then I keep on talking to him, saying that to be a monitor, you must be good in your behaviour and must prove to your teacher that you are a good boy ,very helpful and smart too...while explaining, I just cant help myself laughing to his 'sadness' cause it just so he cries he tries to talk which I totally dont understand what he is trying to tell me.....haha..
Anyway after a cold shower, he began to cool down and start disturbing are kids..


1 packet mee hoon (soaked till dente)
300 - 400 gm bean sprout (detailed)

Ingredients for mee siam mixture:-
1 ¾ cawan blended chilli or chilli boh
4 big onions *
8-10 garlics *
100 gm dried prawns * (soaked)
(blend ingredients * )
oil for frying( 1- 1½ cups)
2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt or to taste

1) Heat oil and fry blended ingredients sampai 'garing'.Add sugar and salt to taste. Put out aside half of the mixture for the sauce.
2) Next add in the mee hoon into the wok and stir well. Add in bean sprout and stir. Add salt if needed.Off the heat.

Ingredients for sauce:-
½ portion of the mee siam mixture
8 cups of water
¾ - 1 bottle tauco(salted soya beans) (half smashed finely the half coursely)
180 g sugar
tarmarind juice to estimate (abt 2-3 tbsp)
1 tsp salt or to taste

Method for sauce:-
Add the other half mee siam mixture into a pot together with water, tauco,sugarand salt. Let it boil and add in tarmarind juice. Stir a while and suits to taste. (Mee siam gravy needs to be sweet,sour and saltish abit). Turn off heat.

Toppings for mee siam:-
boiled eggs
2 beancurd diced and fried
scallions slice
small limes halves
sambal tumis(which I didnt do)

Dish noodles into individual bowls. Garnish with hard boiled eggs, fried beancurd and sprinkle some scallions. Serve with gravy and squeeze lime brings it together.

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