Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kupang Masak Cili

Wah! I guessed our cholesterol are getting higher and higher.... this few days since the dining out, we have been eating nobody business....Mr Hubby, actually preferred the mussels to be boiled with slice chillies,onions and garlics with 1 turmeric leave sliced...I thought the other day he already ate the boiled mussels so I assumed that he must be bored with boiled that's the reason why I cooked those mussels with chili pulak...hai habis dah masak, makan ajelah...

Looks like Iqram's 'chickenpox' macam 'half pass six' either coming out or not at all .... maybe, cause of the vaccination, anyway Mr Hubby said that doctor told him it is not 100% that the chickenpox will not attack throughout although vaccination has been taken...we need to see this whole week how the situation goes, if everything ok maybe Iqram can go back to school next far he can handle his itchiness very well... applied the calamine lotion and oral medication. Now the problem is Marsya, keep on coughing...very moody and throwing tantrum..
everytime she coughs, she will cried out loud asking for water...can hear a lot of phlegm in her chess...if still not ok will bring her to see doctor later today...

2 kg mussels
1 lemongrass crushed
2-3 ladle blended chili/w some belachan
1 tbsp blended onions
1 tsp blended garlics
oil for frying
salt to taste

Heat oil in wok. Add all the ingredients and fry the chilli till 'garing'. Add in mussels and stir well. Add in salt and msg to taste. Stir well making sure all the mussels are cooked and covered by chilli. Ready

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