Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gulai Lemak Udang

First planned thought of masak gulai lemak dengan nenas, last minute changed cause ada yang tak suka nenas... so this was for lunch.. the quail eggs and tomatoes tu just nak habis kan sebab dah lama in the fridge....if tak nak letak tomatoes pun boleh letak aje air asam or asam keping, ni dah letak tomatoes tu sebab tak letak asam..

Oh yes...I just want to share with you something...yesterday, my elder son Hasif came back from school and told me ...'Mama, there is another girl who wants to know me...!!' (Earlier there was one but that already settled..) Then I said, which girl? He said, 'Another girl which just join the Robotics...she keep smsing me and asked whether she can be my steady...!!! I said 'what?!!! now girls so brave ha? dare to ask  boys this?...he showed me the sms.. then I told my son, you message her back and tell that we can only be friends and not steady cause we are still studying and it is not the time yet...

I told my son, things like this are bound to happen, cause it is part of growing up..but it all depends whether you are capable enough to handle the situation and not drifted away from the world of 'main main cinta'...Then jokingly I asked Hasif, "Why girl wants to tackle you ha?' he just smiled..well my friends ever commented this to me, 'Ayu, your son will make a lot of girls break their hearts'...I dont know its a compliment or what...hahahaha
Anyway, when Iqram heard I said that, he said ' Hei not fairlah... how come no girl wants to tackle me..!!!!' Then I looked at him and said ' Kau nampak ni(showing my hands)..."
he continued... "then later I got no wife how?'...........tak tercakap apa....hahahahah

500g medium sized prawns (deveined, cleaned and toskan)
*3-4 garlics
*1 big onion
*20-30 birds eye chillies
*11/2 inches fresh turmeric root
*1 cm ginger
1 lemongrass crushed
1 turmeric leaf
200 ml coconut milk(1 small packet)
20 small tomatoes cherry
10 quail eggs boiled(optional)
water to estimate
salt, sugar msg to taste

Blend ingredients 2-6. Heat oil and fry blended ingredients, add in lemongrass. Stir well and let the oil go to the surface. Add in coconut milk and water. Let it boil and add in prawns, stir well . Add in turmeric leaf , salt, sugar and msg to taste. Add in eggs and tomatoes , let it simmer for a while and turn off heat. Ready

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