Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mee Hoon Bandung -3rd Day Iftar

3rd day iftar, no idea what to eat!..end up made this mee hoon bandung...this is my easy version  and fastest way for preparing mee if you are preparing more just double the amount ajelah..

Ingredients:-(1 pax)
1 handful of soaked mee hoon
1 handful of bean sprout(optional)
 chye sim slice 1 inch long
2 leaves of chinese cabbage slice
1/2 tomato slice 
2-3 tbsp chili paste (prefer hot then more)
1/2 big onion slice
1 tsp minced garlic
1-2 tbsp tomato sauce
1-2 tbsp oyster sauce
2 -3 prawns
 a few slices squids
a few boiled beef sliced-(optional)
1/2 cube chicken stock
water to estimate
salt & msg  to taste
 1 egg

Heat oil and saute slice onions till soft, add minced garlic. Stir well. Add in chili paste cook till oil rises up the surface. Add in, tomato slices, tomato sauce, oyster sauce, chicken cube and stir well. Add in prawns, squids, boiled beef, stir . Pour in water, let it simmer till boils. .Bring to boil, add in salt & msg to taste,  then add in all the vegetables except bean sprout. Crack and drop egg in and let cook (depends how well done you preferred) and put in noodles.Last put in bean sprout , mix well and turn off heat. Sprinkle with spring onions and celery and fried shallots. If prefer hot add in pickled chili(vinegar+sugar+salt +chili). Serve hot.


geraugebang said...

wah, berbandung-bandung iftarnya kali ini...selamat berpuasa...kat Singapore panas tak? kat KL tersangatlah panasnya.

Ayu said...

geraugebang - walkslm, hahaha..nasib baik tak ada rojak bandung, air batu bandung semua yang berbandung kan kak..hahah..spore, sedang2 aje kak..
wah kalau panas memang menduga iman posa kita tu..salam ramadan juga buat kak gerau ya..