Thursday, July 02, 2009

Fondant Cake

Salam, as you guys know, I still cant upload images from my computer...the next few pictures was uploaded from Mr Hubby laptop yesterday night...which he is using wireless...basically, I have to wait for him to comes home which is late at night to borrow his lappy to upload...I have to copy the pictures that I want to upload in thumb drive and transfer to his laptop and signed in to my blog and uploaded from there...then I signed in again in my computer...and will get to see my pictures already uploaded..(do you get me?) it seems I have to do that if I want to update lah...which is quite a hassle and not sure I can afford to that for the next few days or till I can upload from my computer...sigh!!!

Besides all the difficulties, bear in mind that I still took photos of my food and now are all lining up to be published...hope I don't have to waste all the effort taking photographs but not being posted!!! pray for me OK...when I went over to forum , I saw not only me, there were quite a number of blogger who got the same problem like mine hopefully somebody is doing something about this(the proxy, server or yang sewaktu dengan nya)..

So while I am working very hard to work on this, I just want to share what I have done last Saturday..I went to Chef Tania class and made this..At first I was a bit skeptical whether to post the picture as this 'masterpiece' is not as beautiful as you guys who are more experienced and talented...but to think again, what can we learned if we didn't start from scratch right? So with my humble heart, I would like to show you my VERY VERY VERY BASIC keras tangan that I managed to do...hope with this basic knowledge I can create a better fondant cake in the future?...


K.Nor said...

ayu, cantik la tu.. nice! kalau nak banding yg nor buat huhu.. cantik lg yang ayu buat!

Shafidah Shamen said...

ayu..cantik la tuuuu. Tahniahh!!
ishh lepas sorang..sorang..dah try buat fondant, i ni bila la agaknyerr! rasanye mmg takkan buat kot, tangan kejungg hahahhaaa