Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Kuih Kaswi

This recipe was given from my cousin, who normally will made this if there's a feast or functions..she would normally just steamed this in a big tray and will cut it to preferences. As for me I would just want to try in this jelly moulds to add some shapes and 'play' with my some who requested this recipe you can try this OK..hope it will meet to your taste...happy steaming..hehehe

360g plain flour
50g starch flour( I used tapioca flour)
51/2 cups of water
1 tbsp kapor water  
*400g palm sugar-(Pls adjust to taste-Ayu used 350g )
*200g sugar-(Pls adjust to taste-Ayu used 100g)
*3 pandan leaves tie to knot
(*Put to boil till sugar dissolves)
salt to taste

Grated coconut (1 packet) + some salt+ some pandan leaves(screwpine leaves) steamed for toppings

Using 11/2 cups of water from the 51/2 cups of water, put to boil and add in palm sugar, pandan leaves and sugar till dissolves to make syrup and leave it to cool. Meanwhile, sift both flour and put in a bowl. Add in salt, kapor and water stirring slowly till well mixed and add in the syrup. Strained mixture.Next step, you can double boil first till slightly thick and quickly, pour into preference tray which has been greased with some oil so as not to stick to tray when cool and steam for at least 45 minutes or till cooked. You can also use smaller moulds and steam for 20-30 minutes or till cooked. Kuih will look soft & watery when hot, but will slowly harden when cool.When ready, top with steamed grated coconut.


Anonymous said...

So lovely... rajin nye akak buat kuih. Cantek2 pulak tue.. untung anak2 boleh selalu makan best :)

Zamri Ahmad Tony said...

Salam kak ayu....zam nak tanya,palm sugar tu boleh pakai gula melaka yang seketul tu? kalau boleh 400gm jugak ke?

Ayu said...

zamri - walklsm, palm sugar tu gula melaka lah Zam..or ada ke nama lain untuk gula melaka in english?..hehe..akak pun confuse..tapi memang gunakan gula melaka kuih ni..dah siap nanti panggil k..hehe

Zamri Ahmad Tony said...

Ada...MALACCAN SUGAR....hahaha...

Oh ekh? kisah....baru zam tahu. K k...dah siap nanti kita khabar pat kakak...

kak, i got reply to ur previous comment at my blog tau. i tanya how to cut kuih nicely.

Salam Ramadan kak!