Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Butter Prawns

Ho..ho..ho..this was the 'hot dish' about a few weeks ago where most of my friends blogger has already tried doing...and they did it well!!! And at this moment most already tried the Honey Prawns, while I only just started to make this buttered prawns yesterday night.. not much and not so successful in creating the 'jurai' for the eggs..

I was so excited when I almost got the eggs dripping nicely into the hot oil, when suddenly my right hand accidentally hit the hot wok and I was jumping and loose my concentration with both my hands...straight away the eggs 'jurai' went haywire..waahhhaha....definitely will try this again!!!The taste is there!!! For those who has been susccessful in creating the 'jurai', give me another chance ok....hehehe ..Nor, I copied and translated into English ya..thank you..

12 big prawns
2 tbsp butter
3 egg yolks
1-2 sprigs curry leaves
a few birds eye chillies
tumeric powder & salt
oil for frying

Marinate prawns with tumeric powder and salt. Fry prawns till almost cook, add in curry leaves and birds eye chillies. Mix well for a while and dish out. Heat up about 1/2 cup of the same oil and add in butter. Let the butter melts and make sure the oil is really hot. Meanwhile lightly beaten the egg yolks and place it in a 'roti jala' mould.
Turn off heat . Using both hands, left hand holding the mould with the eggs and right holding a fork or a chopstick...drip the eggs slowly into the hot oil while your right hand stir in a circular motion.Let the eggs flow continuosly. When ready, dish out, drained and mix with the fried prawns.

Sources:From Nor 'secubit garam' and Noreen's blog' my home cooking blog'

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K.Nor said...

hehe.. ada accident di sebalik tabir ya.. sian dia.. cuba lg, don't give up.. dah nak menjadi tu..