Friday, July 31, 2009

65C Creme De Coffee

With the sick boys at home.. I managed to steal some time to do bread making..hehe anyway its the bread machine that do half the work and me just knead to the shapes and making of the this recipe from 'Do what I like' blog.. I love to visit this blog once in a while as most of it are bread recipes..of course the original outlook was much much lighter colour and better then mine..
Since my bread colour was dark, I had some difficuties in making sure whether the bread has been cooked or not..hahaha.. cause if its white, you can see when it has turned to golden brown top you know your bread has cooked..but for this one, all the top and bottom looked the same..hehehe..anyway, alhamdullilah I managed to get it right.

140g bread flour
40g cake flour
55g TangZhong
15g Skim Milk Powder
30g brown sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp rum -(didnt put this)
1 full tsp instant yeast
25g lightly beaten egg
50ml milk
10g-12g instant coffee granules (I used nescafe classic)-maybe should decrease the amount to get a lighter colour?
20g butter

Mix all ingredients together except butter. When a dough is formed, add in butter and knead till dough is smooth and shiny. Prove dough for 60 minutes. Knead dough to release air out of dough and divide dough into 6 pieces( I made 8). Rest dough for 15 minutes. Wrap in one of the filling and shape dough. Prove for 45-60 minutes. Apply egg wash and top it with some almond nibs. Bake at 175C-180C for 14-15 minutes.
(I used bread machine so I dumped everything in)
Note:- If dough is too sticky, work on floured surfaces.

CoffeeCream Cheese Filling:-
40g-50g sugar
100g cream cheese
1 egg lightly beaten
18g cake flour
100ml warm milk + 2 tbsp instant coffee granules(or to taste)
10g butter

Cream cheese and sugar till smooth paste is formed.
Add in lightly beaten egg 1/3 at a time and mix well before adding the next portion.
Stir in the sieved flour. Add in the coffee milk mixture and mix well. Microwave cheese mixture for 2 minutes on HIGH and stir it. After stirring it, send it back to the microwave for 2 minutes on HIGH again. Blend well till you get a smooth paste. Mix in the butter. send it to chill in the refrigerator and roll slightly harden cheese paste into a 45g balls to be used as filling.-(I weigh the amount and divide equally).
Sources:-From Do what I like blog.

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