Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Mee Hoon Goreng Putih

Mee Hoon goreng putih or some may called it Mee hoon goreng Singapore? Made this when? I forgot...anyway this was for our breakfast... . A simple dish when you are on the run...(running to go where I dont know)...the kids can have this cause its not for adults its nice if you eat this with pickled chillies (vinegar +salt+sugar+water+chillies and boil a while) it will add to the taste!

If you notice, most of my mee recipe or rather I say pictures there sure to be chilli padis...I cant live without them!!!!I can bite a raw chilli padi just like you believe me if I say that my house used at least 1kg of chilli padis every month?...uuuhhh 'berasap mulut'....yes 1kg.!!mostly 70% consumed by mum said normally people who likes to eat chillies
 orangnya jahat mulut..tapikan kita confirm TAKKKKKKK...

1 packet mee hoon (soaked till soften)
2 tbsp minced garlic
1 tbsp pepper
prawns to estimate
squids to estimate
2 pieces fish cakes sliced
slices of boiled beef(optional)
a few stalks of chye sim
30 cents bean sprout
a handful fried shallots
oil for frying
salt to taste

Heat oil in wok and addin garlics and pepper. Stir in prawns, squids, fishcakes till 3/4 cooked. Add in salt and msg.Put in mee hoon and stir well. Add in chye sim , fried shallots and stir again. When the chye sim stalk has soften add in bean sprout. Stir well and turn off heat. Ready to be served with pickled birds eye chillies

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Anonymous said...

Kite panggil mee hoon goreng singapore.. letak bpepper ye Kak? memang best. :)