Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Keropok Lekor

Made this yesterday for afternoon tea..Mr Hubby was on MC since Monday.. maybe till this Friday...alamak, I think I preferred him to go to work..hehe.. dont let him catch me writing this..bukan apa.. all the food need to be catered for when his around..busy lah basically..

Anyway, when I made this eldest son laughed when he saw the boiled 'lekor'..I also laughed..cant describe it but I think you know what I meant right?..hehe
I used about 6 mackerels cause my family loves this snacks...for those who dont add MSG in their cooking please adjust to taste ya..

2 Chubb Mackerel (Ikan Kembung/selayang 30cm length)
100g Sago flour
30g tapioca flour
11/2 tsp salt
a bit of MSG

Clean fishes and tear off the skin from the head to the tail. Scrap off and just take the meat.
Cut fishes meat to small pieces and blend till fine. After blended, add in flour bit by bit into fish paste. Mix well till finish. Add in salt and MSG. Take some mixture and roll on board till finish. Put water to boil and and add in the'keropok' rolls. Dish out when the rolls float in water and can be kept very long if put in fridge. The rolled keropok can be fried straight without being boiled. Nice to eat it when its hot.
Sources:-From Minami

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