Friday, July 03, 2009

Kerang Goreng Berapi

Additional dish also something different from what I normally cooked. Worth to give it a try..NICE! I must say.If not because of Mr Hubby cant take hot too much, I should have put in more birds eye chillies!!....10 not enough for me!!! you can imagine how hot my tongue can take...uhu!!

1 kg cockles
1 cm ginger
4 garlics
1 shallot
5 tbsp oyster sauce
10 birds eye chillies (I crushed)
celery and spring onions to estimate
1 tbsp oil

Soak cockles with some dried tamarind pulp for 2 hours to clear off the dirt. Cleaned and drained. Put to boil and drained. Mince garlics, shallot and bird eye chillies. Heat oil and stir fry till fragrant. Add in oyster sauce and stir well. Add in boiled cockles, stir well and let the mixture thickens. Turn off heat and sprinkle with celery and spring onions.

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Anonymous said...

Kerang2 nie memang one of my favourite... pedas2 mcm ni sedapnye :)