Friday, July 10, 2009

Roti Sosej Breadcrumbs

Actually I  do not know what they call this... the title above, I named it, according to the outlook of the bread...hehehe...I've got this recipe from an Indonesian helper who sent her employer's kids to swimming lessons during the school holidays 2 years ago...
While waiting for my boys who attended the same class.... she brought out this from her bag and offered me to sample some.....ermm not bad, I told myself...imagine a simple snack like that I cant even know how to cook it ...with my thick skin, I asked her the recipe...she verbally explained to me...when I reached home...I quickly write down the steps before I forget...hehhehe

Made this for afternoon tea yesterday...Iqram had this after school cause he loves the sausages wrapped in bread like this one... I used the black pepper sausages 'ayamas' brand... recipe below..

5 pieces of bonjour bread(or any brand )
slice off the sides and rolled with a rolling pin
cut in halves(so u get 10 now)
10 small black pepper sausage ( if long ones cut in halves)
roll in the sausage tightly
1 egg beaten with a pinch of salt
some breadcrumbs

Method:-Dipped the rolled bread in the beaten egg and roll over the bread crumbs.
Deepfry till golden brown..Ready

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