Monday, August 10, 2009

Apam Makoke

Made this just now for Mr Hubby's breakfast tomorrow. I halved the ingredients cause 1 packet of rice flour is too much for breakfast...he tested 1 and said erm boleh tahan..,ok set!..As usual.. kids cant be bothered by this kuih..Hasif will normally takes 'Coco Crunch' cereal with milk in the morning...(lagi senang cause no need to think so much about his breakfast)..hehehe..

1 bowl cold rice(500g)
1 yeast(round size of a 50cents coin)
*Yeast chopped till fine and mix with the rice till well . Keep in an air tight container and keep for 2-3 days to form fermented rice.

Ingredients A:-
1 ladle of fermented rice(200g) -(I didn't do the above, I used fermented glutinous rice ready made-tapai pulut)
180g water
360g sugar(since fermented glutinous rice already sweet- I used 1 packet of rice flour - 260g sugar, half packet -130g sugar)-depends on your own sweetness preferred.
*Blend all 3 till fine.

Ingredients B:-
1 packet rice flour (600g)
360g water
*Mix well

Mix ingredients A and B. Stir well. Strained the mixture if necessary. Let proof for 11/2 hours.When ready to steam, then you can add 2 tbsp of ENO. Stir well before steaming. Steam for about 15-20 minutes or till cook. Nice to eat with steam grated coconut(mix with some salt and pandan leaves) and orange sugar.(if too sweet then omit this)
Sources:- From Rozzan's Shared recipes.-

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