Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Macaroni & Cheese

Salam, hi everybody I am 1 piece of course!!..Wow it has been a hectic, tiring and sick days for all of us here in my house... Didn't even managed to open my blog even for a while!!!!...
So sorry and thank you for those who left messages in my shout box but went unanswered...
I am touched and glad that you guys still come and visit my kitchen although I am 'not in'...

Well, after Iqram, Hasif also went into fever, but his was not the influenza type just viral fever..that was on Saturday and was ok till Monday, Mr Hubby already started work on Monday...then when comes Monday... MY turn pulak!!!..alamak hai... just couldn't get up ...took some panadol and flat on the bed..but do you think I can sleep peacefully.. with Marsya and Iqram around???...just when I about to doze off...Marsya 'tear' open my eyelids asking me to open for her candy wrappers!!!..hai..about 10 minutes into my dreamland.. both Iqram and Marsya were shouting at each other and there goes my heart beat beating faster cause 'terperanjat'...don't ever dream of getting a peacefully rest when the kids are around..

Well now I am back with my normal routine..and this what we had today..


1 packet 500g San Remo macaroni spiral/elbow(I used penne-rigata)
3 small alumminium tray (I used 15cm x 10cm aluminium trays-gets 10 nos)

Ingredients for Pasta Sauce:-
500g minced beef
2-3 cans of Campbell's Prego Traditional Pasta Sauce
1 can of button mushrooms, sliced
2 garlics finely chopped
2 big onions diced
7-10 birds eye chillies sliced thinly
water to estimate
oil for frying
salt and MSG to taste

Ingredients for Cheese Sauce:-
1 box Cheddar cheese(Kraft) -250g grated
600ml fresh milk
250ml water
3 tbsp butter
4 tbsp plain flour
a bit of black pepper powder

Ingredients for Toppings:-
200g mozzarella cheese grated
Method for macaroni:-
Boil water in a saucepan, add in 2 tbsp of oil (I added some salt too). Boil till soft , dish, drained and put aside.

Method for Pasta sauce:-
Heat oil in wok and saute garlics till fragrant. Add in birds eye chillies and big onions and stir till soft. Add in minced beef and stir till the beef changed in colour and add in the button mushrooms. Add in the prego's sauce and add in some water to the balance sauce in cans.(1 can of water to 1 can of sauce). This as to make the sauce more and moist and not dry. Add salt,sugar and MSG to taste. Cook till boiled and taste. Put aside.
Method for Cheese Sauce:-
Heat wok(best if its a non-stick wok). Using a medium small heat, add in butter. When butter has melt, add in flour and whisk till incorporated with the butter. Keep on stirring so as not to make the flour burnt. Add in half of the fresh milk and keep on stirring with the whisker so as not to get a lumpy mixture. Add in the balance milk and water and keep on stirring so as the flour do not stick to the base of wok and get burnt. When the sauce has boiled, add in the cheddar cheese and stir well. Add in black pepper and let it boil till cooked. Turn off heat and cheese sauce is ready.
Method for Macaroni and Cheese:-
Add in the paste sauce to the boiled macaroni and stir well. It has to bee slightly runny and not dry. The macaroni which has been mixed has to be moist. Scoop macaroni mixture and let cool in an aluminium trays. Covered surface with adequate cheese sauce and sprinkle with mozzarella cheese. Bake in oven at 180C degrees till the surface turn golden yellow. When ready serve hot.

Note:- Macaroni can be prepared early.Add in cheese sauce and mozzarella cheese toppings. Cover with cling wrap and store in fridge. When need to be serve bring out and let stand in room temperature and bake in oven.


Alone said...

wow.. Bisa delivery ke Indonesian ?? ^^v

nice post ayu ^^

Chik Mi said...

ayuuuuuu tergoda ngan macaroni cheesemu itewww bilala nak kurus ni asyik mamam yg sedap2 jehuhuhuh
pstttt Alhamdulillah dah sihat