Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bubur Kacang & Airbatu Malaysia

Made this last week. Bubur Kacang with durian..I don't eat the durian when I ate bubur kacang, just 'pushed' the durian at a side and continue eating the bubur kacang..hehehe..I only eat durians fresh! NOT if its mixed with other ingredients..!! this was my mums favourite so just 'tumpang' a bowl aje..haha

Got some balance made this 'airbatu Malaysia' or aiskrim Malaysia'..Yes! finally got the plastic holder for this. Taking Ika Bangkok's advice I've got this when I went in JB, got it in a mini mart and straight away grab it.
This was what my mum used to sell last time.. 20 cents each. Neighbour's kid will come over and buy all sorts of airbatu Malaysia from my mum, like 'asam boi', lime, green and red beans and etc etc..remembering the past reminded me of we were quite 'entrepreneur' in those days.. I even brought 'fried tapiaoca w/chili + peanuts' to school to be sold at 30 cents each to my friends during my primary school days ..good business hor..some even ordered in advance..hehe

Then when I was doing my design course, to add up to my family income, my mum made 'mee goreng', kuih muih and put at 'Mamak shop' for sale..adding to I have to support myself (by working part time) with the material menyimpang ke sini pulak..

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