Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tauhu Bakar

Sedap!!! Sedap!! Sedap!! thats my first words that came out from me after testing the sauce and after garnishing the tau pok with the sauce...I think here in Singapore, the sauce for tauhu bakar somehow like rojak petis kind of sauce..this one from Che'iza yang pandai masak mum said erm sedap eh!!..Mr Hubby who at first turned down my offer, decided to try 1 mouthful and later commented eh boleh tahan eh!!..heheh by the time he said that the tauhu bakar already finished eaten by me..haha..

4 pieces Tauhu(I used taupok)
100g bean sprout
1/2 cucumber sliced
1/2 yam bean(sengkuang) -I didnt use this cause no stock
instead I used lettuce.
3 tbsp chili paste*
1 garlics crushed*
2 tbsp palm sugar*
1 tbsp sugar*
3 tbsp tamarind juice*
2 cups water*
salt to taste
1 tbsp sesame roasted
some grated groundnut for garnishing

Bake or grill tauhu and put aside. Blanched bean sprout in hot water, drained and put aside.
Slice thinly for cucumber and sengkuang. Cook all the *ingredients till thickens. Consistency depends on individual. Best to make it thicker a bit cause tauhu will produce water a bit. Whe the sauce almost done, add in sesame oil and stir well. Turn off heat.

Cut the tauhu in small pieces and top up with bean sprout, sengkuang and cucumber. Add on the sauce and sprinkle a bit of groundnut ontop. (For me I sliced the taupok in the middle and add in the bean sprout, lettuce and cucumber like a sandwich).
Sauce can be kept in fridge and suitable for keropok lekor, popiah and karipap sayur.
Sources:-From Cheiza

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