Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mee & Mee Hoon Soup

Salam my friends, missed me?...hehe...(perasan sekejap) actually didnt update yesterday cause I was busy bringing down the curtains..almaklumlah..Ramadhan is coming and the curtains was from the last Hari Raya!!!!! Imagine 1 year...Hahaha..see how 'rajin' I am...cleared the window curtains so that auntie can help to clean them this Friday....

Since I was 'overbusy'.. just made mee soup for yesterday's dish...made in two version, one in mee hoon and the other in yellow noodles...7 of us so some preferred mee hoon-(my father, Iqram and me) yellow noodles-(my mum, Hasif and Mr Hubby) as for preference so I just gave her yellow noodles cause easier to feed her..hehehe

Main ingredients for this dish are just garlics, chicken stock or chicken cube, white pepper powder and of course fresh prawns, squids and slice beef(optional)..the rest just add on with your favouirte vegetables, an egg(optional) salt to taste and water..(.or else how to make soup)...hehehe

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