Thursday, August 06, 2009

Ikan Pari Bakar r1

I decided to try another recipe for grilled fish, this time I cooked the sambal first instead dump everything in..this is the best recipe so far I can get and tried!!!..will definitely do it again and again..thank you dear owner of this recipe which she got from her mum. 5 star!!! mmmmmah!! marvelous..

1-2 baby stingray cut to half or butterfly( original recipe was sea bass)
1 packet chili paste (with vinegar)-pls estimate to how many fish cooked
2 garlics minced
10 laksa leaves minced (daun kesum)
1 tsp coconut milk
oil for frying
salt and sugar to taste
some banana leaves soften for wrapping
aluminium foil for wrapping the banana leaves

Clean and wash fish as usual and wipe dry with kitchen towel.
Heat oil in wok and saute garlics, laksa leaves and chili paste till oil goes up the surface. Add in coconut milk, salt, sugar and MSG if you like. Cook for a while.
Take a piece of aluminium foil and layered with a piece of banana leaf.As long you can cover the fish its good enough. Put some sambal mixture onto the leaf and layered with the fish finishing the top with another layer of sambal mixture. Wrapped the leaf first then the aluminium foil outside. The aluminium foil is to prevent the fish from burnt. Can be BBQed, grill or on a flat pan. Do not overcook or the sambal will become dry. Garnish with coriander leaves and some lime juice.
Sources:-From Rossyabakes fotopages. Original recipe was Ikan Bakar Mak Gayah.


mimie loma said...

oooooo toke kasi itu ikan pari bakar 1 pinggan eh......kasi cepat ah lapar nie........hahahah

eh silap oder lak ingatkan kat kedai makan tadi .......nmpk camkat kedai ikan bakar lah pulak.......nyummy

Nor said...

fuhhh kecur air liur tengok pari bakar... ermm sedapnyer ayu.. bulan puasa sedap makan gini ni..

blogresipi said...

Ikan pari tue kak ayu... sedapnye!!! kalo kite dapat habess sampai ke tulang ler kite gigit...