Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ikan Goreng Cili Padi

I like this dish..cause its can eat just this with hot rice and thats it for the day..
suitable for 'sahur' dish but reduce the chili (of course dont follow my chillies quantities)..

2 chubb mackerel(ikan kembung)- I used Ikan Benggol
1 big onion*
3 shallots sliced(I didnt put)
3 red chillies*
1-2 birds eye chillies- I put more
1 lime juice
1 tbsp shrimp paste
some turmeric powder
sugar abd salt to taste

Clean fishes and marinate with salt and turmeric powder for 30 minutes.
Minced *ingredients. Fried the fishes till crispy, dish out and put aside.
Using the same wok, saute shallots till soft and add in big onion.(I just put all blended ingredients in together with the shrimp paste.) Stir well and add in some water and let it simmer till oil goes up the surface. Squeeze lime juice and stir well. Add in the fried fishes and stir till incorporated. Ready.

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