Thursday, August 13, 2009

Popiah Goreng

Today's afternoon tea snacking...fried popiah with vegetables filling. Dipped with chili sauce or red chillies sauce.(red chillies minced, garlics minced, sugar and vinegar- boiled).

For the filling
40-50 cents beans sprouts
1 carrots grated
1 tauhu diced (fried first)
some chinese celery and spring onions
1-2 tsp minced garlics
1-2 tsp white pepper powder
salt and MSG to taste

Heat oil and stir fry garlics and white pepper. Add in carrots and stir till soft. Add in salt and MSG to taste. Add in fried tauhu and lastly beans sprout, celery and spring onions. Turn off heat. Do not over fry the bean sprout or else it will be too soggy. Let cooled and ready for fillings.


Watierman said...

makan popiah yer....kalau kat umah akak...banyk veggie...sorry...lari naik lori le jawabnya...tapi kalau beli popiah mentah..yang kat kiosk...Crispy Popiah tu nak pulak makan budak2 tu!!

Raihana-ريحانا said...

mmmm so yummy ... i made mine some days ago .. thanks for sharing the recipe ...boleh i cuba next time :)