Friday, August 07, 2009

Jemput Jemput Udang Hidup

Salam, on this warm and dark Friday night...ah! last I've got to sit and update my blog as all the kids has gone to bed and its Mama's turn to 'conquer' the computer!..hehe..Mr Hubby still not back I hope by the time I finish updating he will be back...

This prawns fritters was our breakfast this morning...simple, all ingredients are basic that are available in most Malay house kitchen..heheh...plain flour, water, salt,some prawns deshelled and deveined, sliced onions, chinese celery and spring onions and an egg ...all mix together and stir well. Mixture not so thick or so thin as long you can scoop and fall slowly but not stick to the spoon or runny like a soup. Heat oil in wok, scoop some mixture, add prawn on it and deep fry till golden brown. Ready and serve hot.

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