Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Karipap Pusing

Here in Singapore, I called it 'epok epok pusau' (swirl curry puff)..When I saw this in Kak Rinn's, fotopages I was overwhelmed cause I have been looking for this recipe for so long..although my 'epok2' not up to standard yet I still want to put up here .. heheh..should have more 'swirl' and should roll the dough a bit thicker instead of thin that I made..

Well that is my blog all about 'my trial and error'..so its OK I can try it again..Doesn't mean by having a blog you are already an expert or professional right?..Hei you have to start somewhere anyway? That is my intentions...(ini kira cover line ke apa?)..hehehe
The steps of making this curry puff you can get it here.

Ingredients for oil base dough:-
300g plain flour
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup warm water
a pinch of salt

Add salt in flour. Pour in the oil and mix well with the end of your fingers. Bit by bit add in water and continue to knead till dough is not sticky.

Ingredients for margarine dough:-
150g plain flour
100g margarine- please add bit by bit till dough is not sticky to the hands.(maybe should reduce this to 60g-70g)

Ingredients for Filling:-
2 sweet potatoes peeled and diced ( I used 3 potatoes)
1 big onion minced
2 garlics minced
a handful of dried shrimp, soaked and minced(can also use fresh prawns)
3 tbsp curry powder
1 sprig curry leaves
salt and sugar to taste
Chinese celery and spring onions to estimate slice thinly

Saute onions, garlics and add in curry powder and add in some water to prevent from burning. Add in shrimp, saute a little longer and add in sweet potatoes. Add in water till the sweet potatoes sink in. Cook till soft and add salt and sugar to taste. Add in Chinese celery and spring onions and stir well. Turn off heat and let cool.
Sources:-From Rinnchan's fotopages.


Chik Mi said...

Yu kita pun 1st time try menjadik ,2nd try alamak naik hot le,hihihihi sihat ke?

Raihana-ريحانا said...


I had been looking for this recipe .. Had tried before, tak menjadi.
Insya allahnak try yours. thanks for sharing :)

ijayuji said...

Salam kak ayu!!!! kita tak nmpk cbox akak ehehe.... kita nak buat epok2 pusing ni tp tk gheti!! ehehe.. tak reti tang nak buat doh berminyak tu :D... sedapnyerrr!!!

Ayu said...

chik Mi - aah lah mi, ayu 1st time buat jadi! 2nd time buat apasal lah tak menjadi..ish2..terbalik pulak..

Raihan - cubalah, but for the margarine i used pastry margarine yg beli kat phoon huat tu...but i think normal margarine pun boleh kot?..original pakai normal, saja aje..pandai sangat mengadjust..hehe

Ika - ika, bila mula2 menguli
pakai jari kasi hancurkan margarine tu dgn tepung(heat from the palm akan mencairkan margarine tu)so bila dah sebati baru uli pakai tangan.