Thursday, August 13, 2009

Opor Ayam

This dish confirmed not hot.. so definitely must go along with something pedas right? I just made sambal belacanlah...with some ulam2 of cucumber, winged bean(kacang botol) and long beans..(follow hjh maimunah restaurant style of sambal belacan.)


1 whole chicken cut to pieces
5-6 candle nuts*
2 big onions*
3 garlics*
1.5 inches galangal*
2cm ginger*
1 packet coconut milk (200ml)
water to estimate
cucumber tree(belimbing buluh) or tomatoes cut in wedges
3 red chillies sliced in halves
3 green chillies sliced in halves
salt to taste

Sautee all the blended* ingredients till fragrant.Add in chillies and stir well. Add in chicken and stir till incorporated. Add in coconut milk and water. Let it simmer, add tomatoes or small starfruits and stir well and add in salt and MSG to taste. Ready

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Anonymous said...

Akak kalo masak semua best2... opor ayam nie pon nampak sangat best laa....