Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tulips From Ieta & Award From Ika

Carried this bunch of flowers all the way from Penang. Tulips from Ieta as a symbol of our friendship. Hope this 'cyber friendship' will be a long lasting one. Kak Ayu ambik tulips tu aje ya, or kena ambik semua ni?...hehe
Anyway thank you Ieta.

Not Forgetting, this award was from Ika Bangkok to those visited her blog.. didnt realised that it was for everybody ..until I went to her blog and ransacked her kitchen..and found I guessed I better display it here before.. Ika become 'green' (hulk)...hehe.
Thank you Ika for the lovely image..'I love your blog'..
May our friendship last till the end ya..

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