Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kerisi Goreng Belacan

Simple dishes for today...I love to eat fishes that are fried like this...especially when fried a bit crispy... but my parents preferred it a bit soft, cause they said they cant chew if its a bit 'hard' (tak ada gigi) as usual, when fried fishes I have to fry half crispy and the others soft...


5-6 sea bream (ikan kerisi)
*30 bird eyes chillies
*2 red chillies
*1-2 large onions
*3 garlics
1 lemon grass bruised
tamarind juice
thumb size dried shrimp paste (belacan)
(*blended ingredients)

Marinate fish with salt and turmeric powder. Deep fried,( I preferred it a bit crispy) dish out and put aside. Saute blended ingredients till fragrant. Add in lemon grass, some water,tamarind juice, salt, msg to taste. When sauted ingredients has cooked add in fishes and stir till incorporated. Ready

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