Monday, October 05, 2009

My Very First Wedding Cupcakes

This was the 'big' thing that I have been STRESSED about!!! The Wedding Cupcakes!!..I had sleepless nights and even cried for this 'project'...(as you know I am not a professional in doing this)...but it was because my sis in law asked me to help I just cant said no to her..

So with my very basic knowledge in making cupcake, cake decorating, fondant making and butter cream I applied the methods to this project.. For the decorations of course I surf the net for ideas and the cupcake stand was what I ordered from one of the blogger in Malaysia.

The planning started a few months ago.. basically a lot of effort has been put in since I am the sole maker for this.. since with no assistant or mentor to guide me, all was just based on what I have learnt..(basically agak2 sendirilah ni)..huhuhu..

The only assistant I've got was from Mr Hubby and the kids..Mr Hubby in transporting me to and fro to baking shops, art & craft shop and even to JB to look for some ingredients which not available here in Singapore. The kids assisted me in 'MENGACAU' (DISTURB) my work adalah...Not forgetting my mum in preparing some of the everyday dishes when I've got no time to do it...

I bought the fresh flowers from a wholesaler in Sungai Tengah first I wanted to arrange the flowers myself (which I also have some basic in flower arrangement).. but thinking of a lot of work at home waiting for me I asked the florist to do it for me, after explaining what I wanted
he arranged to my preference..

This was taken the night before the heart shaped fondant yet.. I set up the cupcake stand and fill in the creamed cupcakes and added the fresh flowers, so that the next day I can just set up without thinking how to decorate it..

I used the beaded ribbons which I stick on the edges of the give a more exclusive look (aah tru my eyes lah)..hehe..

The finished decorated cupcake stand..I used ribbon beads that cost me RM9.00 per meter.!! Bought this in JB...Wanted to look nice so got to 'sacrifice' the money also lah..hehehe

Made this heart shaped fondant 2 weeks ago. Let it dry out under the sun till it hardened. Special request from the bride to make this heart shaped to be decorated on top of the cupcakes.

When I did this it was inside my study room, on the aircon and start kneading..reasons if were to do it outside I scared my fondant will be easily melt..thats why I used the aircon room for this..

The main cake was butter cake. Covered with fondant. Made this the day before the occasion. Also in the study room.. Add on the purple ribbons cause the brides' colour scheme was purple and gold..she wanted a simple cake so I made it this way. Thought of adding some white or purple fondant flowers but scared it will be too much ..

This was the chocolate flavoured cupcakes fresh from the oven... didnt even get to taste it cause I made 'ngam ngam' for the display..anyway already tried it before so very confident of the taste.
When I wanted to start creaming my cupcakes, I was looking for my nozzle, it was already 10pm the night before the occasion..I just couldnt find my only nozzle for cupcakes ..I searched high and low.. no where to be found, no choice but to use another nozzle which is NOT for cupcakes, see the difference..just cant describe how lah..

Then after that when I was about to creamed the cupcakes, I placed the cupcakes in boxes below the table that I was working on, sekali came along Iqram ACCIDENTALLY (really accident not on purpose) kicked and STEPPED on one of the boxes.. and 3 of my cupcakes were flattened!!!!!! I shouted at him and CRIED!!!(basically I am not shy to say this cause I was very STRESSED!!)..

The creamed cupcakes in boxes with sprinkled gold dragees...only didnt add the heart shape fondant yet cause if were to transport in the box, the fondant will be squashed, so I added the next morning when setting up for the occasion.

Well at last the event went quite well and I have got some compliments and praises from my in laws but not sure about the guest lah...only one thing I knew was that my sis in law(mother of the bride) said that somebody did asked whether I take any order-
my answer was NO!!..hehehe..


Anonymous said...

great effort! beautifully done from the pictures should do this more often so that your skills can be perfected by the time your kids go up the bridal stage... *winks*

Ayu said...

Anonymous - Thank you,for the the time my kids go up the wedding dais, I think cupcakes are no more the trend..heheh do you think so?..
cause right next to my cupcakes stand there was this macoroon display for wedding( a promo display from the events planner)..

Anonymous said...

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deedah said...

Syabas ! well done Ayu :)

give yourself a break frm all the stress for now, dont be afraid to take up new orders lah..

fyi, i tried the cake gula hangus last wknd and tks for your tips, my cake menjadi, sedaap you :)

Kakda said...

Ayu, kreatifnya n syabas.