Thursday, October 29, 2009

Asam Rebus Bendi

Still simple dishes for today..actually tak payah masuk blog pun boleh..but 'tak ulik'..nak masuk kan jugak..hehe..the last asam rebus was I used chili paste for the gravy, this time I used fresh red chillies....


10 ladies fingers
*3-4 red chillies grounded coarsely
*1 large onion grounded
*2-3 tbsp dried shrimp soaked till soft and grounded
1-2 dried tamarind slice
laksa leaves to estimate
salt and msg to taste
water to estimate


Put all the grounded ingredients, tarmarind slice and waterto boil. Let it simmer and add in ladies fingers. Add in salt, sugar and msg to taste. Lastly add in laksa leaves. Ready.

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