Thursday, October 29, 2009

Roti Pita

We had this for breakfast this morning...Mr Hubby brought to sweet stuff for breakfast...pass few days has been 'tau pauing' for him ready made sweet bread from the bakery and toasted some bread and just spread kaya and butter for him..hehe...really no mood to make kuih...
Cant complain lah... I had to stay up a bit late for Iqram..cause today his exams was really quite tired...'shouting'...hehehe. Hasif has finished his...

Ok for this Pita bread, I also bought the ready made ones... just warmed it up in the microwave oven for 20 seconds and its ready to be filled with your favourite fillings.. below was what we normally do..

roughly about 500g minced beef
2 tbsp meat curry powder
2 tsp minced ginger
1 tbsp minced onions
1 tsp minced garlics
1 red chillies sliced
1/2 large onions diced
salt and msg to taste.
Method:- Washed and cleaned minced beef and drained. Saute all the ingredients till meat has turned browned (sampai kering airnya) and add in salt and msg to taste. Turn off heat once meat has cooked. Dish out and let cool.

Normal plain sambal tumis for the sauce..this one I am sure most of us know right..

The ready made Pita Bread in the market...cut to halves and heat up. Fill pita bread with salads, sliced cucumber, sliced tomatoes and add in the fillings and sauce. Bismillahirahmannirrahim...Ready to be NGAP!! Pita bread anyone..

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