Thursday, October 01, 2009

Popiah Seaweed

Made this quite sometimes ago during the fasting some balance of popiah skin after making the fried popiah...saw this in mamahawa's blog, reminded me of mine that has been in my folder that I forgot to upload here...this snack is quite new to me too..hehehe..(jakun)..but my kids love this..

I used the popiah skin the one with eggs that is why my popiah skin are yellow in colour..followed the shape of the dried seaweed and cut it rectangular shape..Hasue, thank you for the 'creative' recipe..we love it!!


1 packet popiah skin
1 big packet dried seaweed (ready to eat type)
1 egg
2-3 cups oil for frying

Break egg in a bowl and light beaten using a fork. Place a piece of popiah skin and brush surface with egg till all covered. Arrange dried seaweed on top of this popiah skin. Place another popiah skin on the seaweed and repeat the same steps till all the popiah/ dried seaweed finish.

Using a scissors cut the 'filled' popiah skin to preference. Heat oil in wik and deep fried till golden yellow. Dish out and drained. Ready to be eaten just like that or with any favourite toppings/sauces. Store in airtight container.


HaSue said...

salam raya kak...memang nampak best jek chips akak tuh.kalo dibuat snek masa raya pun mesti laku je kan..hehe...sue nak bw balik sebalang nih.ade lagi x?
aa..apa2 pun tq sebab sudi cuba mengkretifkan diri cara nih yer..hihi..

nurindah said...

salam kak ayu,

Ni first time tengok popiah seaweed.
cam rasa japan lak ye. teringat kepek daun bayam. sampai la ni belom penah makan. senang resipinya popiah ni.

p/s:nak tapau skit kak.