Friday, October 30, 2009

Mee Suah Soup

Tired of eating made this, since Auntie also came in today...first time makan mee suah ..the type of mee suah that auntie recommended was below.. The taste some how, a bit like mee hoon, but mee suah is more soft and tender..whereas mee hoon taste more like to 'ricey'(got such word meh?) taste. Most Chinese like and I think knows how to cook this..but this is malay version I think...

Make sure when cook this, the soup lebihkan sikit airnya(add more water) the mee serap(absorb the gravy) very fast..very easy to cook this..rated second level after instant noodles (maggi) cause the preparations also didn't take up so much time..


150g mee suah/swa
3 garlics sliced thinly
1 large onion sliced thinly
1 red chili sliced
2-3 tbsp dried shrimp(soaked and grounded) or 2 cubes anchovies stock
2 tbsp cooking oil
1000ml water (5-6 bowls)
3-4 eggs (ceplok dlm kuah)
salt to taste (if necessary)
fried shallots, celery and spring onions for garnishing

Optional ingredients:-
1/2 carrot cut to preferences
broccoli-didn't put this
4 young corn-didn't put this
slices of fish cakes - I added this
a few slices soft tofu- I added this but I fried a bit before putting in gravy
chye sim -I added myself

Heat oil and saute sliced ingredients, like onions, garlics, chillies and anchovies cubes till soft. Add in water and salt(if necessary) and let it simmer till boils. Add in vegetables together with sliced fish balls and let it simmer again till vegetables are soft. Add in fried soft tofu. Crack in soup. Add in mee suah/swa. (This part up to preference whether you want to add in the mee first or the eggs). Let it for a while and turn off heat. Garnish with spring onions, celery and fried shallots. Let the soup in quite a large quantity as the mee will absorb the soup when cool. Serve immediately.

The packaging outside looks like this.. Auntie said this type will not break easily..
I think only sold at NTUC supermarket.


jus call me ida.. said...

salam kak.. saya pun suka makan mee suah...once in awhile biler tak tahu nak makan apa.. tapi biler saya masak mesti tak terurai.. tapi i suka.. another version on mee segera but berkhasiat!

Lieya said...

Nyum nyum... my frens almost like mee suah oso after lia introduce kat dia orang...

Ayu said...

jus call me ida - walkslm, alahai baru perasan this comment..heheh..maklum ler dulu akak tak ada this widget that show comments..sorry ya..aah this is another version mee segera yang berkhasiat..

lieya - ha tudia lieya..mee suah ni tak ramai yang kenal actually frankly akak pun tak berpa kenal dulu2..hehe