Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rendang Kerang

Just look at my blended ingredients...uwaahh..my blender blade is not sharp anymore!!!..looks like I need a replacement...but wait, I think I have one more in the store, a brand new one given to me by Mr Hubby's colleague during our open house 2-3 years back..yes!..nasib baik..tak payah beli lagi..heheh

Overall this rendang suits my taste!!..sedap, Ana..!! wah!! caya sama lu..hahaha..

1 - 11/2kg cockles boiled

*1 large onion
*5 garlics
*2 inches galangal
*2 inches ginger
*2inches fresh turmeric roots
*1 lemon grass
*15-20 birds eyes chillies
(*blended ingredients)

1 tbsp curry powder
1 dried tamarind pulp
2 tbsp kerisik
1 tbsp sugar
11/2 cups coconut milk
salt & MSG to taste
1 turmeric leaf and 2 kaffir leaves sliced thinly

Heat oil and saute blended ingredients together with coconut milk, curry powder, sliced turmeric leaf, kaffir leaves and dried tamarind pulp. Cook on a medium heat till a bit thickens. Add in cockles and stir well. Let it simmer for a while and add in kerisik and sugar. Lastly add in salt and MSG to taste. For those who prefer the rendang a bit thick can cook a bit longer. Turn off heat and ready.
Sources:- From waheedeana@myresipi.com or Anawahid's blog

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