Friday, October 02, 2009

Faqrul Hasif's Birthday Cake

My eldest son is 14 years old today. Wow didn't realised time has passed so fast..still remembered I was still carrying him in my arms ....right after I delivered him around 10 pm today 14 years ago... felt like just yesterday..

Today, Hasif is a 'young man', who has just broke his voice a few months ago....hehe..
made this chocolate moist cake in souffle cups top up with chocolate ganache as usual.. I did asked him what type of cake he wants for his birthday, he wants the normal chocolate cake that I usually did for my kid's birthday cakes..this time round, I was lazy to make in cake tray as I was also busy preparing for the wedding cupcakes for my niece this Sunday.

Some of the cakes are top with M&M chocolate bits..while the main cakes was top with chocolate rice..I told Hasif, 'anyway, son you are a young man now, so birthday cake can also be done in souffle cups..he said' Its ok ma, as long you make for me a birthday cake..'

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