Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pisang Masak Lemak Cili Api

Repeat telecast for this vegetable dish (my favourite dish) so I don't mind..hehe..

1 bunch unripe bananas
1 handful anchovies (this time -I used dried shrimps)
3 cups coconut milk(1 whole coconut)
2 cups water
2 turmeric leaves
1 crushed lemongrass-(Ayu added)
salt to taste

Blended ingredients:-
20 -25 birds eye chillies
1 inch fresh turmeric roots
3 small onions

1. Cleaned, skinned and slice bananas thinly.
2. Put bananas to boil with salt till soft and drained.
3. Add in water, blended ingredients,anchovies and the boiled bananas and cook till bubbling boil.
4. Add in coconut milk, turmeric leaves and stir well. Leave to boil. Add salt to taste and when cooked turn off heat. Ready
Sources:- Hanielizas cooking blog

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