Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Filet Dori Goreng Tepung

Kids had this with the nasi lemak...The other day during the welcome home ceremony for Mr Hubby from Indonesia, we were served with some buffet lunch..one of the dish was this dory fish fillet fried with plain flour..my mum, said the taste of the fish was very nice and maybe the way the fish was cooked that enhance the taste.. she asked me to looked up for the recipe in the net, who knows ada..

I remembered, trymasak.my featured a few dory fish recipes that are good, so I browsed and I've got this recipe 'Filet Ikan Dory Bersos Lemon'..so I took the recipe for preparing the fish but omit the lemon sauce.. the fish when fried like this you can either eat with rice or on its own..I fried 5 pieces of dory fillet but cut to small pieces..

1 Filet ikan dori (1 dory filet)-(Ayu gunakan 5 keping)
21/2 cawan tepung gandum (2 1/2 cups plain flour)
1 liter air (1 litre water)
Minyak - untuk menggoreng (oil for frying )
2 sudu besar serbuk penaik (2 tbsp baking powder)
1 sudu besar garam (1 tbsp salt)

Campurkan tepung gandum bersama serbuk penaik dan garam.(Mix flour, salt and baking powder) Kacau rata beberapa ketika dan curahkan air sedikit demi sedikit. ( Stir well and add in water bit by bit)
Gaul lagi sehingga dipastikan adunan benar-benar sebati dan tepung tidak berketul.(Mix again till mixture is incorporated and not lumpy.

Seterusnya aturkan adunan ini bersama sedikit lebihan tepung gandum serta filet ikan yang telah dipotong dua (Next, arrange this batter with another plate of plain flour and fillet.)

Kepingan ikan tersebut dicelupkan ke dalam tepung gandum, diikuti dengan adunan campuran tepung dan kemudian sekali lagi celup rata bersama tepung gandum. Ulangi proses yang sama untuk kepingan yang seterusnya.(Roll fillet on plain flour followed by dipping into batter and one more time on plain flour. Repeat the process till finish)
Panaskan minyak dan goreng filet ikan ini sehingga garing keemasan. Apabila garing, angkat dan toskan minyaknya.(Heat oil and deep fry fillet till golden yellow. When crispy dish out and strained).
Sources:- From www.trymasak..my


My Name is Thankful said...

ty for posting. it loooooks delicious..wanna try soon :D

Ayu said...

My name is thankful - Your welcome dear.. yes you should try it..