Sunday, May 03, 2009

Kacang Phool

We had this for breakfast today, so kenyang till we had our lunch late in the afternoon...the broad beans so far only can be found in Malaysia, I tried looking for it in Singapore but to no avail. In Singapore there was another brand , but that was from China and since the company also produced other non halal products, I've decided not to use that... so when I cross over to Causeway, definitely I will buy a few cans of this to bring back...

My crossing over pun its not like every week or month, sometimes 3-4 months then we will go over, as every week my boys got to attend tuition, religious class and swimming bila dah masuk Johore tu, sometimes beli barang macam nak perang!!!...selagi trolley belum penuh, selagi tu ambik...hahaha...locals can recognise easily whether yang beli tu, orang Singapore ke bukan...but sometimes, the things there not all are cheap...sometimes, its cheaper here compared to there... so have to compare prices lah as you buy...

Ingredients:-(4-5 PAC)
1 can foul medammas(kacang parang)
1 tsp cumin powder( jintan putih) (mix with a little bit of water)
water to estimate
salt to taste
2 tbsp oil for frying
5 green chillies sliced
1 big onions diced
5 eggs to be fried
5 small lime
1-2 roll of french loaves sliced and toasted( bakar dalam oven)
Pour the broad beans into blender, add water,(not to much) then blended coarsely(depends if want finely also can). Heat pan and add in cumin powder. Add in the blended broad beans, salt and stir well. Cooked till bubbled and off heat. Scoop mixture into bowl and garnish with green chillies, onions, fried egg and squeeze lime juice. Dip with toasted french loaf.

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