Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nasi Biryani Bombay

 Today's menu briyani rice again... when you have this meaning Mr Hubby wont be around!!!...'Sumpahan'(His dislike) dia heehehe...Iqram's requested to cook this..the last entry I didn't put in the recipe so this time I better put..bearing in mind this was how I did it, so if you guys who are already expert...just follow your own way OK.. the steps I think the same as the normal briyani but its just the taste that makes it difference...
5 cups basmati rice, washed soaked in water for 15 minutes and drained
7 cloves(bunga cengkih)
5 cardamon(buah pelaga)
2 star anise(bunga lawang)
1 cinnamon bark (kayu manis)
3-4 pandan leaves
1 tbsp salt
11/2 cup fresh milk
1 tsp yellow colouring
3/4 cup fried shallots for sprinkle in rice
water for boiling the rice
Mix milk and yellow colouring and put aside.Put water to boil in a sauce pan together with all the spices, salt and pandan leaves. Add washed rice to water and boil till 3/4 cooked. Make sure not too cooked, or else later it will become soggy and too brittle. Drained the rice, but still keep all the spices and pandan leaves.

Scoop rice alternately with the chicken briyani gravy(recipe Ayam Briyani Bombay) and sprinkle fried shallot as you go along in an electric rice cooker ending with rice layer. Lastly add in the milk and yellow colouring mixture. Press the rice cooker to cook. Don't keep on stirring as the rice will become 'hancur'(broken). For me after the first press, the cooker will cook the rice and it will goes up to reheat when its done, what I do, I reboil again by pressing again and let the cooker boiled the rice till its well done...ready.

If noticed, I only scoop the gravy as I dont want my chicken to be mashed as when I scoop the when serve I just add on the chicken at the side..

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