Friday, May 08, 2009

Siakap Berlada

Yesterday bought this Sea bass(Siakap) offer...1 for S$4.50...3 for S$12.00... straight away sambar...told the 'apek' to clean the fish for me and wash the scales away...cause this fish manyak sisik lor.. the last time I bought he didnt wash away the fish after he buang the perut and buang sisik dia terus masuk plastic..when I want to cook I've got to wash away the sisik and Mashaallah!! the sisik chocked my sink!!!....'Apek you basuhkan lah itu ikan, itu hari you tak ada basuh lor...apek jawap...'Oh ok ok..soli hor...adik punya pasai...apek kasi clean hor..' ..itu ikan tongkol ambik lah...kasi murah sama lu...Eh!!! apek ikan tongkol aku tak makanlah ...!!!!

Tengoklah my ikan siakap kena selimut dengan sambal tu...dia tak nak tengok kita...hehehe

1 Sea bass cleaned and soaked with salt water and lime juice(Siakap)
3 tbsp minced chili paste
1 tbsp minced onion
1 tsp minced garlics
1/2 big onions sliced
salt to taste
oil for frying the fish
2 tbsp tamarind juice
water to estimate

Marinate the sea bass with salt and turmeric powder and fried. Put aside
Take a 3 tbsp of oil from frying the fish and sauteed the minced ingredients till oil goes up to the surface.Add in the sliced onions and add a bit of water. Add in tamarind juice salt, and MSG.
Let the sambal simmer for a while till thick and off heat. Scoop the sambal and pour onto the fried sea bass. Serve hot. Ready

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