Friday, May 01, 2009

Wat Tan Hor

Happy Labour's Day!!! Every body's at home...auntie also came in today, so my house was like market, very noisy!!! You cant differentiate, Marsya's shouting, auntie's talking, mum's nagging,  and the bloody loud LCD TV which the boys + 1 big boy(Mr Hubby) watching!!!!!
...Aiyoh!!!! scratch my head!! although not itchy...!!!!

Anyway this was for lunch.. All the men went to Friday prayers today, so when they came back, all rushed to the TV and waited for me to prepare this for them. Comment was very good!!! Even auntie cleared her plate- till really clean!!!! She told me, 'next week do again hor, I order first'.. Hahaha..

' For Kuey Teow'
300 g kuey teow
2 garlics crushed
1 tsp black soya sauce
1 tbsp sweet soya sauce
2 tbsp oyster sauce
white pepper /black pepper to taste

' For Soup'
6 prawns
a few slices of beef
1 baby corn(didn't put)
3 stalk chye Sim
a few slices carrot
2 garlics crushed (I used minced garlics)
3 slices ginger(I used minced ginger)
a little bit of pepper
1 tsp chicken cube
500 ml water (3 cups)
salt to taste
1 tbsp corn flour mixed with a bit of water
1 egg

For Kuey Teow

Fry garlics till golden brown and add in Kuey teow,black soya sauce, sweet soya sauce and oyster sauce.Stir well and add in pepper.Ready. Put in 2 plate and leave aside.

For Soup
Fry garlics and ginger till golden brown. and add water.Let it boil and add in beef, chicken cube and pepper.Add in prawns, chye sim, carrot and baby corn.Add in a bit of salt.
When the gravy has boiled add in corn flour which has already mixed with water.Break an egg and stir, ready .Quickly pour over kuey teow and serve hot. Garnish with pickled chillies and fried shallots.
Sources:-From Che'

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