Thursday, May 07, 2009

Kurma Telur

Today's dish...eggs idea what to cook(as normal)...I masak cair sikit..1 type only, cause yesterday's asam pedas still have...Mr Hubby came back late last night, so he didn't take dinner at home, that's why got balance.. mean while the kuah asam pedas I dip with bread...pun dah kenyang...

7 boiled eggs
3 tbsp kurma powder
100ml coconut milk-(1/2 packet santan kotak kalau nak tambah boleh)
3 green chili halves
2 tomatoes(cut quarterly)
2 big onions sliced
water to estimate
salt to taste
Blended ingredients:-
2 tbsp shallots
1tsp garlics
1tsp ginger

1. Mixed kurma powder and blended ingredients to form a paste. Heat oil and fry paste till oil comes up to the surface. Add in coconut milk and water.Let it boil and add in the eggs.Let it simmer for a while and add in salt and MSG to taste. Lastly add in green chillies and tomatoes. Let it boil for about 3 minutes and turn off heat.Ready

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