Sunday, May 31, 2009

Engagement Gift - Chocolate Flavoured Cupcakes

This was the project which I did yesterday, for today's function...My cousin's son (considered my nephew)got engaged today..I bake the cakes yesterday but piped the butter cream this morning, before we went over after Zohor today...just decorated the top with ready made sugar paste flowers bought at Phoon Huat...I didn't consult my cousin about the colour scheme, that they were having... cause thought of giving them a surprise when I came over for a 'gift' (buah tangan) to my nephew to be part of his engagement exchanging gifts ...I decided to choose the red colour as it brightens the cupcakes and thought engagement colours should be 'meriah' or grand colour?....takut jugak mana tau colour scheme dia tak kena...sekali when I brought over, their colour scheme was red and blue ok lah ..hehehe..

When I did this, I've got more confident compared to the last others yang dah expert this might be nothing lah..or should I say 'tahi gigi' aje...but I am learning...very slowly...hehee the last time what I did for the decoration was white fondant coloured to black, cut to 'heart' shape which was requested by Mr Hubby niece..that was pain in the a--... No choice, but I tried...To work with fondant was quite an experience cause, you must work very fast with it or else it will get sticky and it will be difficult to work with...frankly I've got no experience with fondant..guess where I learnt?....YOUTUBE..!!! ...


Anonymous said...

Wah... very nicely decorated... like the colour combination..
red for love :)

Nukilan ida said...

cantiklah deco dia..!