Friday, May 22, 2009

Tauhu Goreng

This was for dinner....I ate 2 pieces ..ermm ambik need rice...some more, pedas, wooooh! ulam air kids don't eat this so I fried chicken for them..they ate rice...tomorrow got 'project'...we are having a gathering at my brother in law house tomorrow each family has to bring something cause its potluck...don't know what to make and bring...or worst comes to worst, just buy...
Tauhu (hard bean curd)
Cucumber - slices
Bean sprouts - blanched
For sauce
Fried ground peanuts
Brown sugar
Tamarind juice
Ground chili paste
Ground garlic
Ground chilli padi
Put ingredients for sauce together in a large bowl and mix thoroughly.
Deep fried tauhu, dish out and cut into cubes. Put on a plate top with slices of cucumber and some bean sprouts.
Pour sauce over fried tauhu. Ready
Serve hot.

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