Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kow Pak Masak Lemak Putih

Kow pak or in malay I called it sawi batang putih... cooked it this way, as the some people in my house must have at least a 'gravy' dish(lauk yang berkuah) ...especially my dad, he will complain if the dish is dry as he said 'makan nanti kebukun!'(food got chocked in the throat) at least if there's gravy in the rice, the flow will be smooth gitu...

Anyway, the veggies above was cooked in such as just put water and coconut milk to boil, add all the ingredients like the dried shrimp, onions, a bit of garlic (these items need to be minced) and slice red chillies. When its bubbling add in the stalk and boil till soft.(not too soft) then add in the leaves,salt and msg to taste..

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