Saturday, May 16, 2009

Basic Digital SLR Camera Techniques Course

This was the training I was talking about when I've got the camera for my birthday... Went to the FREE training last night...I thought it was a course that teach you how to take photographs with your camera but it was only a training for you to know whats your camera functions...
2 hrs course... started at 7pm reached there around 15 minutes late ..was stuck in the traffic jam... the course, was for those who bought the Canon DSLR CAMERA products.. quite blur, cause most of the keys and buttons I am not sure of... still need to figure out myself SLOWLY how the buttons and functions work...cannot absorb lah...very fast...

Aiyah, after the demo, I think I will just keep to my auto mode and let the camera do its job!!!...hehehe...but of course certain techniques its nice to learn as it enhance your pictures.. on top of that lens also do play a big part in your photo takings... the lens prices are actually more expensive then your camera body.

At the end of the training, the instructor told us , that whoever got any questions and problems with their camera can stay back and he will explain I did lah...he was showing the function of video taking...I looked at my camera and trying to find the video key or button in there....Eiii!! I said to myself I cant find any.. I turned to the guy who sat next to me and ask him where...then he asked me what model is your camera? I said mine was the 450D... he answered me with a big smile,...Oh!!! yours dont have!!!!!...hahahahha ...I was so malu...!!!!!....that I created another joke to cover for my embarrassment, I said loudly, Huh!! like that must buy again huh!!! hahahhaah... so after all, I think I still need to invest in certain compulsory accessories like the external flash and tripod...MONEY, MONEY,MONEY !!!!

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